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Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC)

A complete, robust, and easy-to-use solution for

adhering to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid

Services Physician Adoption Model Advanced

Imaging Quality Measures Act requirements.



OmniScent Appropriate Use Criteria

The OmniScent – qCDSM is a web-based application that provides an automated workflow from order entry through the final disposition of the images with embedded rules for image interpretation. It can be used by any radiologist or other healthcare provider who performs diagnostic imaging studies.

We provide unparalleled visual guidance which allows professionals at all levels to produce meaningful results.

Providers will be able to generate the Appropriate Use Criteria results and reimbursement code for each imaging order within seconds.

Bringing the evidence-based appropriate use guidelines from Intermountain Health and NCCN to your fingertips.


AUC For Ordering Physicians

AUC For Ordering Physicians

Quick and Meaningful Visual Guidance.

AUC For Furnishing Providers

AUC For Furnishing Providers

Manage the Workflow – Reduce the Burden.

AUC EMR/RIS Integration

AUC EMR/RIS Integration

Avoid the Cost and Complexity.



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To test whether your order validation works, use the “Try it Out” feature in Practice Mode. You can link your company to other companies by inviting them into an account. You can switch from training mode to production mode anytime by purchasing consulting credits for Appropriate Use Criteria, Consultations don’t even expire. You don’t need to worry if you run out of credits because they’re easy to replenish. When you’re ready for production, you’ll be able to view the required billing details and they will be saved into our system accounting for CMS regulations

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