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Walker Family

Walker Family Integrated EHR and RCM Software Helped Walker Family

Success Story

Walker Family Medicine Exceeds Medical Practice Benchmarks with Innovative Integrated EHR and RCM Platform


Walker Family Medicine (WFM) is a mid-size Family Practice and Urgent Care Center in Wilcox, Arizona. The practice includes 5 providers with a team of over 20 clinical and medical billing specialists.


Walker Family Medicine successfully transitioned from a mostly manual medical records documentation and billing process to a seamless implementation of an all-in-one EHR, Practice Management and Revenue Cycle Management platform which helped them to exceed medical practice benchmarks.


With an expanding practice, increasing regulatory demands, and a driving mission to keep patients at the center of care, Walker Family Medicine wanted to build and implement an integrated EHR and Revenue Cycle Management solution to optimize workflow, improve cashflow, and scale to the growing practice needs. The goal was to implement the new solution with little to no disruption in service or data migration from a completely manual process.


OmniMD worked with the family practice team to understand their needs and created an implementation roadmap which included data migration, customized workflows, and an integration framework. After successfully implementation an innovative all-in-one EHR and RCM solution, WFM was able to hit the ground running on day one of implementation to begin on their new best practice technology journey.
The physicians were able to customize templates as per their specialty and preferences, while enabling multiple providers to access a single chart at once for improved care coordination.
They found that ease-of-use, efficiency, and customizability of the solution, required little training and enabled them to reduce administrative time and spend more time with their patients. OmniMD enabled multiple practice devices ranging from tablet PCs, handhelds to desktop computers for secure anytime, anywhere access.
With OmniMD™ Revenue Cycle Management System data intuitively transferred from the EHR for claims scrubbing, generation and submission. The medical practice was able to electronically track claim status, payments and workflow.
With OmniMD™ Patient Portal’s, the practice saw an improvement in patient experience thanks to the capabilities that enabled patients to register online, view and update information, request appointments, send refill requests, view their lab results, download their medical records, and pay their bills.


The family practice team had collectively improved patient and provider experience, while improving cash flow and revenue. Thanks to the all-in-one solution, manual steps were significantly reduced. Overall, the practice exceeded medical practice benchmarks such as:

KPI MGMA Benchmark WFM with OmniMD
Payment Velocity <40 Days 34.96
Gross Collection Rate >30% 36.71%
Net Collection Rate >92% 95.34%
Clean Pass Rate >96% 97.04%
First Pass Denial Rate <6% 4.96%

“After comparing many EMRs, I determined that OmniMD™ was the best software for my new clinic. I run a high-volume family practice clinic with Two mid-level providers. OmniMD™ is used for scheduling, reminder calls, Medical records, insurance, and patient billing. OmniMD™ is a critical tool for my practice. It is very good software, but I am also very pleased with the level of service OmniMD™ provides with their technical support team.”

Dawn K. Walker - D.O. Board Certified in Family Practice