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Farewell to Data Gaps from Disparate Systems
Greetings to Intuitive, Patient-centric Data Infrastructure


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As a healthcare technology digital health company, you work hard for your customers. It would be best to have a healthcare data engineering partner and solution that works hard for you and your customers, too.

ISM’s expert integration team works with you, quickly and adeptly streamlining the data interoperability process and connecting hospitals, medical practices, EHR vendors, labs HIEs, ACOs, and payers. With point-to-point and secure cloud-based interoperability solutions, we help empower you and your healthcare customers with clean, complete patient data from virtually any system, in any format, anytime.

Work with a data engineering partner that thinks the way you think and can help maximize your digital health technology solutions with actionable, complete data.

Customer-Focused Solutions to Maximize
Health Information Technologies

EHR Data Extraction & Conversion Services

Electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions to extract, normalize, and archive critical business and clinical data seamlessly and securely.

Data Sharing Between EHR And Practice Management

Seamless bi-directional integration between disparate systems so that these two provider systems act as one.

Laboratory Orders & Results Interface

Point-to-point or cloud-based portal interface for bidirectional orders and results management for labs, providers, and administrators.

Interface/Integration Services

Interoperability experts will evaluate your current processes and technologies and create a roadmap for seamless point-to-point and cloud-based system integration.



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