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Get the most out of your EHR investment!
OmniMD’s EHR is not just the technology you need to meet.

“Meaningful Use” standards. It’s a complete solution that can help your practice succeed in the new era of healthcare reform.

We know you’re a busy medical professional. You don’t have time to waste on an Electronic Health Record that is difficult to use and doesn’t make your life any easier. You need an EHR that is smart, simple, efficient, connected, and secure – just as you want it to be.

That’s where OmniMD’s EHR can be your perfect solution!

Our Electronic Health Record is designed to gel seamlessly with you and your workflow. Whether it’s about managing your documents, visualizing your patient’s complete medical record, prescribing the right medication, reminding the clinical summaries, or providing complete analytics. Our Cloud Based EHR system is always connected and updated to have the most recent information about your patients at your fingertips.

So go ahead and take a closer look. We think you’ll be impressed.

OmniMD EHR Offers

Patient Experience

Patient Portal Integration

Improve patient experience and engagement by enabling easy access and medical records and info management.
Patient Experience

Practice Management Integration

Simplifies your every work and streamlines front office workflow with improved scheduling and registration.
Patient Experience

Patient Friendly Health Portal

Engage your patients with a wide variety of self-help tools and time-saving features.
Patient Experience

Lab Integration

It enables providers to send an order through EHR electronically to the lab, and the lab will send the results back to EHR electronically.
Patient Experience

Mobile Application

Stay in touch when away from the clinic, faster documentation, secure communication, and reduced patient wait times.
Patient Experience

Electronic Medical Billing

Allows health care provider to submit bills or claim to a health insurance company.
Patient Experience

Remote Patient Monitor

Monitor patients staying remotely, manage chronic disease, and improve individuals’ quality of life.
Patient Experience

Easy E-Prescribing

Prescribing medicine, sending prescriptions electronically to a pharmacy, reducing drug error, reconciling medication history.
Patient Experience

Analytical Dashboard

Advance analytics and benchmarking to optimize your practice revenue.



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