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Accelerate Complex Integrations &
Interoperability Standards

Complex healthcare standards implementations can
easily overwhelm healthcare organizations, especially with
ever-evolving regulatory requirements and complex
interoperability needs. Therefore, OmniMD has developed
Interoperability and Integration Services to help healthcare
organizations increase efficiencies by quickly exchanging data
across applications, systems, workflows & standards.
This will save time and money while ensuring data accuracy.


OmniMD’s Healthcare Integration Services

The healthcare industry is ever-evolving, with new standards and systems constantly being introduced. To keep up in this rapidly changing world and remain competitive, healthcare organizations need to be able to seamlessly exchange data across different applications, systems, workflows, and standards.

OmniMD understands that keeping up with the changing Healthcare Integration landscape can be daunting. That’s why we have developed Interoperability and Integration Services to streamline complex integrations for healthcare organizations. Our services provide an easy and cost-effective way to ensure accuracy, save time, and reduce costs associated with data exchange.

Benefits of OmniMD’s Integrations & Interoperability Standards

Efficient Interoperability

We provide a comprehensive suite of services to ensure data exchange between systems is fast, accurate, and secure.

Pre-Build Interfaces & Connections

We have a library of pre-built interfaces and connections, allowing healthcare organizations to quickly implement the data exchange they need.

Cost Reduction

Our Interoperability Services help reduce the cost of data exchange by eliminating manual processes and streamlining complex integrations.

Accelerated FHIR Enablement

Our FHIR platform enables faster integration and data exchange between systems, allowing healthcare organizations to keep up with industry standards.

Secure Access

Our secure platform ensures that healthcare organizations can manage user identity and access privileges efficiently and securely.

Complete Solution

Our comprehensive service offering provides complete data integration and interoperability solution, from assessment and planning to implementation and support.

Focus Areas or Services We Offer

Integration Engineering Service

Our System Integration Practice helps you integrate different systems and applications to solve key industry challenges such as continuity of care, patient engagement, Remote Patient Monitoring, self-communicating systems (interoperability), and regulatory compliance. We offer a comprehensive suite of integration services from system assessment and planning to implementation and support.


Interoperability Services

Our Interoperability Services help you develop a connected healthcare coordination strategy based on mapping, requirements gathering, data modeling, and working with standards such as FHIR, HL7, and APIs. We can also help you implement connected systems for EHRs, medical devices, imaging modalities, labs, radiology, and pharmacy. It will make them capable of real-time, bi-directional data exchange and securely managing user identity and access privileges.

Interface Integration Service

We provide a comprehensive suite of Interface Integration Services to help you establish and maintain secure data exchange between different systems. Our services include interface design, development, testing, implementation, and support. We can also help you integrate all of your systems with a single interface to reduce the complexity and cost of data exchange.

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