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Mobile App Development

Leverage OmniMD’s 20+ Years Of Experience
Developing Clinical And Diagnosis Assistant Apps,
General Hospital Apps, And Urgent Care Apps For Your
Healthcare Organization And Build Effective,
Immediate Access To Care – Anytime, Anywhere!

Mobile Application development can be tedious but is more in demand than ever! Users expect your product to be mobile-friendly for a better experience on the go! With our team of experts for professional full-stack Mobile app development, we develop fully functional mobile apps for healthcare organizations.

OmniMD’s Mobile App Development Services

With 30+ years of customer service excellence, OmniMD has developed various IT solutions for the healthcare industry, be it custom software development for clinical or diagnosis apps that promote wellness and urgent care. We have the expertise to build Healthcare Tech from scratch.

At OmniMD, we believe that an all-in-one EHR and RCM is the need of the hour. Therefore, we provide integrated mobile app development services for Android, iOS, and web platforms that enable you with a seamless experience for both patients and staff. Our team of UI/UX designers, Front-End & Back-End developers takes advantage of the latest technologies and tools to ensure that your mobile app is secure, user-friendly, ready-to-go, affordable, convenient, and able to stand out in a crowded healthcare spectrum.

Benefits of OmniMD’s Mobile App Development Service

At OmniMD, we identify the needs of your healthcare organization and build custom mobile apps tailored to meet those needs. Some of the benefits of our mobile app development for your healthcare organization include the following.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Increase patient engagement, simplify patient care processes, and improve healthcare outcomes.

Secure Communication

Encourage improved collaboration between patients, caregivers, and insurance providers.

Quicker Diagnosis

Allow doctors to quickly diagnose cases and initiate first aid treatments with the help of mobile apps.

Increased Revenue

Increase your revenue by streamlining administrative processes and cost savings.

Seamless Data Access

Allow quick access to medical records and other sensitive data from anywhere.

Reduced Wait Time

Reduce patient wait times with the help of automated inpatient and outpatient workflow.

Our Process to Develop a Healthcare Mobile App Development 

With OmniMD’s app development experts, you can expect a tailored approach to ensure that your mobile application meets the needs of your Healthcare organization. We follow an Agile Methodology that enables us to work on and deploy your app in an iterative approach. We break down our development process for healthcare mobile app development into four simple steps.

Patient Experience

Requirement Analysis

We will first analyze your needs, challenges, and expectations for the mobile app.
Patient Experience

Design & Prototype

We will design a wireframe of how the mobile application would work and develop a prototype.
Patient Experience

Develop An App

Upon approval of the prototype, our development team will use the latest technologies to develop and deploy a secure mobile application.

Patient Experience


We will thoroughly test the app before its launch to ensure it is bug-free and secure. 

At OmniMD, we understand the challenges and complexities of developing mobile healthcare applications. We offer end-to-end customized app development services for hospitals, clinics, and other medical institutions. Our team of experts is here to help you create a secure and user-friendly mobile application that helps improve patient outcomes, increase revenue, and reduce wait times.

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