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How Do I Evaluate A Medical Billing Provider?

September 29, 2022
Medical Billing Provider

If you are planning to hire a medical billing provider to outsource your medical billing and other related administrative tasks, it is imperative to choose a reputable company that can give you a complete A/R management solution. As a doctor or a health care center, you must ensure that the company you choose for medical billing helps you make error-free claims, get them paid quickly, and follows-up to reduce collection time and boost your revenue. For evaluating a medical billing provider, you should conduct performance checks across a few parameters. 

Track Their Overall Performance 

When evaluating the appointed medical billing company, you must check what changed in the performance of your medical practice post-hiring such a service. It can be done quarterly or annually to see if your company has benefited in terms of revenue and stability after outsourcing such a significant job of billing.

Communication with Your Medical Billing Service Provider

To evaluate your medical service provider, you need to check the quality, the level of communication, and the promptness of their response. Does the billing provider listen to your billing-related concerns? Can they provide a team to sit in-house at your premises if required? Does your staff have any issues regarding their interactions with the company? Such questions will help you decipher the level of sincerity your partner firm has been exhibiting now that you have bought the service.

Check For The Rate Of Accuracy 

Whether billing or coding, your medical billing partner needs to be skilled to ensure accuracy in CPT/ICD codes, as a high rate of errors can damage your reputation. If you have hired a billing partner with a team of well-trained and certified employees, the error rate will likely be down. 

Evaluate Receivables 

If you see that accounts receivable balances are collected as timely as they should be, and the turnaround time is falling, you can be assured that the billing provider is performing the way it should. 

Time Taken For Claim Submissions

It is imperative to evaluate if your medical billing provider is submitting claims within time. Moreover, the company should follow up with your staff, insurance company, and patients regularly to seek any missing or additional information required to keep all claims and bills up to date. 

A medical billing service is typically hired to manage the workload involved in billing processes. It enables physicians and small or big medical practices to focus better on their core job, i.e., providing quality treatment to patients. The relevance of whether you are making an appropriate choice of billing vendor or not, cannot be overlooked. A proper evaluation of software quality, methods, and performance is integral to the growth of your practice and establishing a great relationship with your patients. 

Also, not every billing company using sophisticated technology is as efficient in their services. So, you should ensure your hired provider for medical billing is trustworthy and adept for efficient data migration from your current billing system.

 At OmniMD we have the expertise and resources to accommodate your practice needs. We can provide services that grow as your practice does so that you can focus on what matters most: patient care.