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OmniMD– eEligibility

Modernize your Front Desk Experience—Increase Collections by Verifying Patient Insurance Benefits

The End Result

Eliminate uncollectible revenue from patients due to insufficient or invalid insurance benefits and fewer downstream claim denials.

500,000+ eEligibility Checks / Year

A good percentage of claims are denied because of errors in proper verification before services are rendered. Health insurers have different variations to denying claims, and understanding these differences is an essential aspect of an efficient insurance eligibility system.

Take the guesswork out of checking insurance eligibility to help secure collections by verifying insurance during registration and appointment scheduling.

Correct Patient’s Demographics And Insurance Policy, Including Covered Medical Services.

Copay, Coinsurance, And Deductible For Each Service Type.

You can also run an insurance verification check specifically for each service type your practice offers, like 30 for health benefits coverage, 2 for Surgical Care, 4 for Diagnostic X-rays, etc. Here is a link to different service types you can run with our e-eligibility insurance verification module.


Our insurance verification software module allows you to:

ArrowPerform real-time on-demand insurance eligibility checks with a single click

Perform batch insurance eligibility checks before appointments

ArrowSave time, no phone calls needed

Reduce administrative burden by avoiding denials

Update details related to eligibility directly into patient’s profile

Cost effective solution

Easily visualize icons visually matching eligibility status

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