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Notify Your Patients About Upcoming Appointments Efficiently and Conveniently


Deliver the message with phone calls and texts
Reduce No Shows and missed revenue
Set your frequency and interval
Customize your message
Automate the Do Not call list
Patient Experience


  • Delivery methods include text and phone
  • Configure options for patients to confirm, cancel, or reschedule
  • Customize your reminder message, frequency, and interval
  • Easy to configure and change the setup
Patient Experience

Save Time

  • Deliver messages in seconds and avoid playing phone tags
  • Automate reminders frequency and interval
  • Frees up your time for your patients
  • Frees up your staff time for administrative activities and patient care
Patient Experience


  • Add information for a specific visit or appointment type (location, fasting, bringing meds, etc.)
  • Utilize our library of templates for common scenarios

Choose When and How Often To Send

You can set your automated patient reminders to go out as often as needed—even on holidays and weekends.

Deliver Automatically

Automated reminder calls from your scheduler to remind your patients of their appointments.

Playback Your Message

You can playback your customized message call from your setup screen before they are sent out.

Automate Your Do-Not-Call List

Build an opt-out / do-not-call list of patients from patient profiles.

Robust Reporting

Generate and learn from daily and monthly reports.

Personal Touch

Customize with an automated voice, with male/female voices.

Automatically Comply with Regulations

Your patient profile allows you to build an Opt-Out/Do-Not-Call List and skips anyone who does not wish to be contacted.

Use Your Caller ID

Improve your response rate and time by letting your patients know who is calling.

Almost Real-Time Statistics

Updates your appointments with the delivery status of all your reminders in almost real-time.

Stay HIPAA Compliant

Communicate with your patients while staying HIPAA compliant by SSL encryption and transmission of data.

Phone Vs Text
Text messages are the most reliable and convenient way to minimize missed appointments or no shows with 90% read rate.




Sender Name
Patient Name
Date of Appointment
Time of Appointment
Provider Name
Opt-in by Confirmation
Opt-out by Canceling or Rescheduling


  Appointment reminders
Checkup reminders


Reminders to schedule next appointment
Advertising new services
Health tips
Patient satisfaction surveys

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