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OmniMD ePatient Statement

Deliver Patient-Friendly Statements, Boost Your Revenue Speed

Right tools and the right strategy are a must to collect what you are owed by your patients.

OmniMD offers several different ways how you can get the statements out the door quickly besides the option for online bill payment. Use these tools to increase revenue and reduce your patient billing cycle.

Accurate Consolidated Statements

Send an accurate statement from all providers as one amount owed by patient. The statement design reduces confusion, clearly present all payment options, and show amounts paid, credits, and outstanding balance.

Increase customer satisfaction

Improve the patient’s billing experience with personalized print and electronic statements. The patient-friendly colorful statements reduce billing questions by more than 40% thereby increasing collections.

Print Patient Statements On-Demand

OmniMD RCM software enables you to generate on-demand patient statements if you would like to provide a patient with a walk-out statement or if you would like to send a patient their latest statement in response to balance inquiries.

Patient Statement Mailing Service

Avoid delays, accelerate collections, save staff time, and cut processing costs by using OmniMD’s patient statement mailing service.

Clear Payment Instructions

Payment instructions are clearly highlighted to drive more patients to pay off their bills online or over phone.

Professional, Easy-to-read Patient Statements

Eliminate confusion with easy to read, understand, and pay statements. Clear and concise statements are more likely to get paid you faster and first time.

Send Electronic Statements

You can send electronic patient statements via patient portal before you spend time and money on mailing patient statements.

Statement Scheduler

With just a few clicks, you can easily schedule and generate patient statements at a specified frequency.

Bill Flash Mailing Service

Integration allows you to submit statements through Bill Flash who prints, stuffs, mails, and stamps for you!

Integrated Online Pay

OmniMD supports several ways to collect payments from patients: online, at the office, and phone-in payments.

Quick Features of intuitive statements

Clear Amount Owed
Standard and Customized Instructional Messages
Convenient & Varied Payment Options
Simplified design that clearly explains the bill

Personalize with your Practice Logo
Send Personalized messages to patients
Clear payment instructions
Custom Practice Contact Methods

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