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Disaster Recovery Solutions for
Healthcare Practices

Omnimd’s disaster recovery (DR) solutions offer
comprehensive protection for your healthcare practice.
We protect you against unforeseen data loss from natural
disasters such as hurricanes, floods or human-induced
disasters like cyberattacks or ransomware threats. Our DR
solutions give you the peace of mind that your data
is safe and secure no matter what happens.


OmniMD DR Site Solutions

The healthcare industry is constantly subject to the risk of data loss from natural or man-made disasters, and there’s nothing worse for any medical practice than experiencing this. To safeguard against such a devastating outcome, it’s vital to have a disaster recovery plan in place – no matter how big or small your practice may be.

Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions are specifically designed to help small or medium business owners and administrators. It is an organization’s facility for restoring or recovering its technology infrastructure and operations when the primary data center is abruptly unavailable. With DR in place, organizations can ensure that their operations don’t suffer long-term disruption during times of crisis. It will extract critical business data from this secondary site and restore it back to primary servers in the event of a major system failure.





OmniMD has been at the forefront of healthcare IT for over 30 years. We have participated in almost every up and down in the Healthcare Tech Industry, enabling us to build robust, reliable, and secure Healthcare Tech Solutions at every new stage in medical technology development.

OmniMD’s comprehensive disaster recovery solutions assure that your practice is protected during times of crisis. Our customized solutions provide peace of mind regarding data safety, recovery, and business continuity regardless of the disaster. They are designed to back up critical healthcare information that can be used for compliance, financial operations, and patient record management.

We utilize a combination of cloud-based and onsite solutions to ensure your data is safe and secure in both scenarios. Our cloud-based backup systems ensure that if you suffer any downtime, you can continue operating while the backup system is being restored. And our onsite disaster recovery solutions provide real-time replication of critical patient care.

In addition to our DR solutions, we also provide risk assessments and disaster prevention strategies to help you protect your healthcare practice from the outset. Our team of experts can provide tailored advice to ensure that the right solution is implemented for your needs.


Lower Business Risk

As the frequency of disasters, including ransomware, continues to rise at an alarming rate, it is essential that your healthcare practice remain operational even when calamity strikes.

Simplify Operations

Automate Disaster Recovery orchestration for all your VMs to develop and maintain recovery plans so you can experience the same VMware environment across production and DR sites.

Experience Peace Of Mind

With OmniMD’s Disaster Recovery Solutions, you can rest assured that your data is safe, secure, and always accessible.

Optimize Investments

Choose the disaster recovery solution that best meets your business applications’ criticality and RTO/RPO expectations and the capability to benefit from cloud technology.


Our advanced encryption techniques protect your data and applications from prying eyes and provide data integrity in case of interference from malicious entities.

Cost Effective

Our disaster recovery solutions save money by allowing your business to operate more efficiently and reduce downtime.



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