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Interface That Connects With Medical
Systems And Networks Of Your Choose

OmniMD’s interface allows you to quickly and easily
connect with medical systems, networks, and data sources
from labs, pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, and many others,
which share interrelated patient information between two
or more clinical applications.


OmniMD’s Healthcare Interface Services

OmniMD’s interface enables seamless integration of medical systems and networks, ensuring healthcare practitioners can access data when needed. With our advanced programming engine that supports multiple interfaces, you can easily configure any connection with various sources or applications.

Utilizing the most advanced protocols available today, OmniMD’s interface allows connection to existing networks and systems, allowing you to access the data sources that matter most. Our Healthcare interface use HL7 and follow ONC MU interoperability standards. They are also HIPAA compliant, as mandated by the federal government.

Our Healthcare Interface Services also allows for custom connections to accommodate your specific needs. Our team of experts can help you get the most out of your interface, whether it’s a system-to-system, application-to-application, or cloud connection.

OmniMD’s web interface allows you to connect freely and flexibly with any medical system or network.




OmniMD has been at the forefront of healthcare IT for over 30 years. We have participated in almost every up and down in the Healthcare Technology Industry, which has enabled us to build robust, reliable, and secure health tech solutions at every new stage in medical technology development.

At OmniMD, we understand the need to access health data efficiently and transfer it quickly, reliably, and securely from various systems and networks. That’s why we have developed our innovative HL7 Interface, allowing a common framework for implementing interfaces that meet the customer’s and their systems’ needs.

We have a team of expert developers and programmers who can help configure any connection with various sources or applications. We also prioritize the safety, security, and privacy of our customers and their data, which is why we follow all relevant federal compliance mandates.


Ensure Data Uniformity

It keeps all data synced across multiple sources for physicians, healthcare providers, and researchers to make informed decisions quickly and easily.

Reduce Errors

Automating your medical data with our interface reduces potential mistakes and discrepancies, so you can ensure your data is always accurate.

Increase Efficiency

Our interface streamlines the process of transferring data between disparate systems, allowing you to save time and effort while obtaining the information you need.

Standardized Data Exchange

Our interfaces are built using the most advanced protocols available today, allowing data to be exchanged quickly and securely.

Improve Accessibility

Our interface allows you to quickly and easily access your medical information from anywhere, anytime, giving you more control over your data.

Improve Data Security

Our interface is safe and secure, adhering to all federal regulations and industry best practices when protecting patient data.



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