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Process, Validate And Store Healthcare
Data With HL7 FHIR Specification

OmniMD’s FHIR Resources Server simplifies
how healthcare data is captured, checked, and stored.
Furthermore, it makes secure data exchange between
different medical apps smoother than ever before,
opening up new avenues of clinical &
operational possibilities!


OmniMD FHIR Resources Server

The FHIR Resources Server is built on the HL7 FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) specification, allowing developers to easily create and exchange healthcare data in a consistent, secure format. With the FHIR Resources Server, you can easily capture patient-related information, validate it against established standards and store it securely in a centralized location.

This enables more efficient and secure data exchange between different medical applications, leading to greater operational efficiency across your healthcare organization. The FHIR Patient Resource Server also provides granular control over managing and accessing your data, allowing you to customize its functionality.





OmniMD has been at the forefront of healthcare IT for over 30 years. We have participated in almost every up and down in the Healthcare Tech Industry, enabling us to build robust, reliable, and secure Healthcare Tech Solutions at every new stage in medical technology development.

Our HL7 Interfaces FHIR Resources Server is the latest addition to our suite of Healthcare Tech Solutions, providing healthcare organizations with a robust platform that simplifies their data integration and management processes. With OmniMD’s FHIR Resources Server, medical professionals can easily access, share and securely store data on connected devices. This helps to improve the Safety, Efficiency, and Quality of patient care.


Easy Access To Data From Any Web-Enabled Device

The FHIR Resources Server allows for easy access to patient data from any web-enabled device, making it easier for clinicians and other healthcare professionals to access or exchange patient information.

Cost Savings

Using the FHIR Resources Server helps reduce data management and storage costs. Organizations can store and access patient data by using a centralized system more efficiently, reducing the need for expensive hardware and software solutions.

Enhanced Analytics Capabilities

By utilizing the FHIR Resources Server, healthcare organizations can gain better insights into their data by utilizing powerful analytics tools. This helps drive better decision-making and improve overall efficiency within the organization.

Improved Interoperability

By using the FHIR Resources Server, healthcare organizations can exchange patient data seamlessly. This helps improve the interoperability between different healthcare systems and allows for a more unified way of managing patient records.

Improved Privacy And Security

With the FHIR Resources Server from OmniMD, healthcare organizations can ensure that all patient data is securely stored and managed in compliance with HIPAA regulations. The server also provides enhanced privacy and protection for sensitive patient information.

Improved Workflow Management

The FHIR Resources Server helps streamline the clinical workflow by providing clinicians easy access to patient data. This allows for better care coordination and faster response times, leading to better patient outcomes.


Patient Experience

Easy Integration

The OmniMD FHIR Resources Server can quickly integrate with existing EHRs and other healthcare systems, allowing health providers to exchange data with others quickly.

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Patient Experience

Secure Storage

The OmniMD FHIR Resources Server can quickly integrate with existing EHRs and other healthcare systems, allowing health providers to exchange data quickly.

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Patient Experience

Scalable Platforms

The OmniMD FHIR Resources Server can be easily scaled up and down to meet the needs of healthcare organizations.

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Cost-Effective Solution

Our FHIR Resources Server is an affordable solution for providers, making it easier to comply with electronic health record standards and regulations.

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Highly Customizable

Our FHIR Resources Server can be quickly and easily customized to meet the specific needs of any healthcare organization.

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Flexible Architecture

Our FHIR Resources Server is designed with a flexible architecture, allowing for easy integration of new applications and features.

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